Mission Statement

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, need help selling your current one, or anything else real estate-related, We are dedicated to working with you in achieving your real estate goals. 

Core Values
  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Family Charity

  • Passion Dedication

  • Driven


Sisilia Talamai

Founder of Liahona Investors

I have always had an entrepreneur heart, problem solver, number cruncher, and business strategist. I loved challenges that would stretch my inabilities so I could find my capabilities. This business is more than just an opportunity to help build relationships and make connections with like individuals in our industry, but more of finding solutions to make buying and selling properties easy and seamless. Our hope is to reach those who need solutions now, so they can sleep better tomorrow.

Akanesi Finau

Head of Sales & Purchasing

Growing up my mother was a real estate investor and my father till this day runs his own landscaping business. So I pretty much grew up into real estate and it has always sparked my interest to continue to learn more. I love finding creative ways to help people with property sales and purchases.  As a real estate investor I want my integrity and trust to be the reason we continue to get referrals and repeat clients coming back to us. Our hope is to find creative ways to close deals where everyone is satisfied and everyone wins.


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